Perspectives of Ekokem's sustainability

Ekokem has defined the perspectives of its sustainability in its sustainability key. Annual or longer term objectives have been connected to each perspective. In this report, we will tell you how we have succeeded in achieving those objectives.

Corporate responsibility and environmental awareness are at the core of Ekokem’s business ethos. Ekokem Group’s Code of Conduct and Ethical Values Policy set out standards of behavior required by the company’s directors and employees as well as representatives of Ekokem Group and its subsidiaries. Ekokem also requires its suppliers, partners, contractors, subcontractors, waste traders and brokers to familiarise themselves with and conform to these principles.

Ekokem has been publishing an environmental report since 1994. In 2001, Ekokem expanded its sustainability report to encompass not only environmental issues but also social and financial responsibility. This report at hand has been published in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)'s G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and approved by Ekokem’s Board of Directors.

Both annual as well as long-term measurable targets have been set for the most material areas with regard to Ekokem's corporate responsibility. Occupational safety and environmental performance targets cover all personnel, while other targets have been set in accordance with tasks and areas of responsibility. Ekokem's Group Management Board monitors operational results and targets on a monthly basis. Ekokem’s Group Management Board also includes a person responsible for corporate responsibility matters.

24.04.2023Fortum Waste Solutions A/S


Fortum Recycling & Waste i Nyborg tager et stort skridt mod klimaneutral behandling af farligt affald og etablerer et pilotanlæg til fangst- og lagring af CO2 i samarbejde med norske Aker Ca

14.10.2022Fortum Waste Solutions A/S


Fortum Circo® recycled plastic defies the conven­tions of fossil-based materials – new compound is carbon-neutral, yet on par with virgin plastic properties

20.01.2022Fortum Waste Solutions A/S


Fjernvarme Fyn og Fortum-koncernen går sammen om CO2-fangst og -genanvendelse i Odense og Nyborg

29.11.2021Fortum Waste Solutions A/S


Fortum støtter unge praktikanters fokus på miljø og ressourcer

22.11.2021Fortum Waste Solutions A/S


Korrekt deklarering, emballering og mærkning af farligt affald

15.11.2021Fortum Waste Solutions A/S


Sikker og rettidig tankrensning for AAK i Århus