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Acquire the abilities to inspire and empower employees in achieving talent growth, guiding the organization toward success.




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12. august 2024

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14. august 2024

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An inclusive and diverse workplace

An uncertain business environment created by recent geopolitical-, health- and macroeconomic crises as well as advancing technological breakthroughs has only increasingly made it clear that running a successful business requires building and leading an inclusive, diverse and resilient workplace where talent thrives. Discover the behaviors and tools to lead an inclusive and diverse workplace where people grow.

Course content

Navigating in a constantly evolving world involves making strategic decisions to develop effective ways of working, ultimately leading your organization to success. Gain the skills to be an inclusive and sustainable leader who creates a work environment where you inspire and support employees in growing their talents. Create an atmosphere that embrace diversity so that every person in the organization experience respect, value, and inclusion.

You will be exposed to several core themes around the future of work and people leadership to answer the following questions:How can you drive business value from diversity and inclusion that is too often reduced to a set of numbers and quotas? How do you create environments that unlocks potential rather than confirming biases of the past? How will demographical and technological landslides change organizations and leadership? And how can you help your people thrive and grow in an uncertain business environment.

Key Benefits

After completing the course you will have gained:

Tools to take concrete steps towards an inclusive workplace

Awareness, understanding and skills to work with your leadership biases

Addressing structure, culture, and practices through inclusive leadership

Explore the topics of inclusive leadership and the role of leaders in addressing bias within a global context

Practice active allyship and leading for talent growth

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