Ekokem Group acquires Nordgroup

Finnish environmental management company Ekokem Group acquires Nordgroup In a transaction closed on 29 January 2015, the Finland-based Ekokem Group acquired NORD. NORD posted net sales of EUR 50 million in 2013 and employs 200 people. NORD has business facilities in six locations in Denmark. Ekokem Group’s business areas are conventional and hazardous waste processing, waste recycling, energy production and environmental construction.

Following this recent acquisition, Ekokem Group’s net sales will exceed EUR 250 million (approx. DKK 1,900 million) and its total number of personnel will grow to 670.

“Our growth as a company focused on circular economy generates added value to our customers through better material and energy efficiency and new recycling opportunities. NORD will strengthen Ekokem Group’s water treatment technology and expertise, among other things. Ekokem, Sakab and NORD all have their own home market and a special role within the Group. Our future growth is based on tapping into this potential across the markets,” explains CEO Timo Piekkari.

Ekokem was established in 1979, and it is owned by the State of Finland and Finnish municipalities and companies. Ekokem’s goal is to save natural resources by improving its customers’ material and energy efficiency and providing solutions for recycling, recovery and final disposal, as well as soil remediation and environmental construction services. Ekokem’s new strategy focuses on developing circular economy business in the Nordic countries.

ICECAPITAL was the primary advisor in the acquisition process.

For further information, please contact:

Ekokem Group

Timo Piekkari


Tel. +358 50 600 40


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