A Chair Designed to Change the Furniture Industry

Wehlers taps into yet another problem the World faces today, plastic waste from electronics and electrical equipment. What will be the new ‘normal’? Doing things differently is tough but necessary. We have to do business that gives more than we take. That’s why we make furniture out of waste or before seen as waste. -We see it as a resource.

Waste Stream.




The R.U.M. Chair

R.U.M., is short for ReUsedMaterials, was first introduced in 2019, has gotten a twin and it’s black. R.U.M.’s seat and back comes in two colors, decided by the waste stream: Fishing nets makes the chair dark green and computer scrap makes it black.
Both waste streams are problematic for the World.
Waste from electrical and electronic equipment (widely known as WEEE or e-waste) generated in the EU is increasing rapidly and is now one of the fastest growing waste streams.

The R.U.M.- Chair, Black.

The architect behind the chair is C.F. Møller Design and they describe it as being friendly, comfortable and practical. The design and comfort of the chair remains and are well known to our audience. The customer choses color through the waste stream.

New waste from the EU

Wehlers is collecting plastics via a partner in Austria, manufactures the chair in Denmark and distributes the chairs to the conscious consumers who want to be part of a solution that is better for the World.
Just like the case is with the dark green R.U.M. made from fishing nets. The manufacturing plant, Letbek, is located in Denmark. Quality and lead time are kept as usual. Made available via retailers and online for all.

Make your impact
You can make your impact here

Both versions are removing close to 2 kilos of plastic waste and Wehlers takes back both versions via the Wehlers ECO-system to prevent the plastic from ending its days in landfills or to be incinerated.
Contributing positively to our global wellbeing by taking care of three major issues at the same time: Resource scarcity, inconceivable waste accumulation and climate change.
Together Wehlers and our customers are cleaning up the World – For Good.

Wehlers ECO-System.

Hard facts:

  • Wehlers drives circular economy – Before manufacturing & after use
  • Plastic comes from Electrical & Electrical Equipment
  • Collected by a partner in the EU who uses green energy
  • Steel base made of up to 80% recycled steel
  • No ugly substances like “virgin plastic” and the like
  • Some 82.5% reduction in Co2 emissions compared to virgin plastic



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Cirkulær økonomi - ”Er det blot at producere møbler af genavendte materialer? Det mener Wehlers IKKE, at det er.”



Wehlers: From fishing net to chair designs



A Chair Designed to Change the Furniture Industry



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