Taking Vodka to New Heights Due to Local Produce

In the unique agricultural environment around Lammefjorden in Denmark, a small Danish enterprise uses local surplus potatoes to create a vodka that is unique in taste and represents how the Danish food arena puts emphasis on the use of locally grown foods.

Foto: Nordic Soil.

One of the key points for food producers around the world is to have a transparent food production that is environmental and sustainable at the same time. Three entrepreneurs use a mix of the local surplus potatoes and the vitamin-rich soil to create a high-end vodka called Nordic Soil, which has taken Danish production to new heights.

Unique production environment
Throughout the last centuries, the geographical fjord area has developed into land with soil that is rich in vitamins and taste which create products with unique taste. This has caused that for example potatoes from this specific area are one of Denmark’s luxury seasonal products.

The left-over potatoes used by Nordic Soil are unmarketable because nature has made them crooked or angular. Instead of discarding them, the potatoes now make a crucial contribution to the production of vodka. Not only does the use of local potatoes benefit the taste; the use of surplus resources also enhances a more circular economy that keeps waste low and thus contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 about reducing food loss and waste.

Not only does the use of local potatoes benefit the taste; the use of surplus resources also enhances a more circular economy

Bringing the local taste to the rest of the world
The high-end vodka from Nordic Soil is just the latest example of how companies of all sizes enhance a more circular production using local surplus food. We have previously described how Daka Denmark uses food productions’ by-products to produce feed or bio-diesel. With the Nordic Soil Vodka, the Danish food cluster takes it a step further on how Danish companies use local goods.

The Nordic Soil vodka is just another example of how the Danish food cluster collaborates and innovate by using local goods to e.g. minimise food loss and waste. 

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