Siteimprove CSR Report 2019

Read Siteimprove's latest CSR report to learn more about digital inclusion and Siteimprove's work with the SDGs.

Copenhagen, Denmark – On June 2, Siteimprove released its 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. The report is Siteimprove’s Communication on Progress for the United Nations Global Compact, which Siteimprove has been a member of since 2010.

In addition to outlining Siteimprove’s sustainability goals, initiatives, and results of 2019 within human rights, labor rights, environment, and anti-corruption, the report includes Siteimprove’s contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDGs 4, 10, and 17: quality education, reducing inequalities, and partnerships for the goals.

About the release of the 2019 report, Morten Ebbesen, Siteimprove Founder and CEO, said:

“I’m excited to be able to share Siteimprove’s 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability. In 2019, we have once again made a great impact as a thought leader within digital inclusion and I’m proud to see the progress we are contributing to within the field.”

Among this year’s highlights that contribute to digital inclusion include:

  • Accessibility State of the Globe: the annual benchmark report of the level of digital accessibility worldwide.
  • The WAI-Tools project: the project which is part of European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme.
  • Quality education through Siteimprove Academy: the number of completed accessibility courses almost doubled compared to the year before.
  • Reducing inequalities with Siteimprove’s Accessibility software: 96% of all revenue comes from customers with the Accessibility product as part of their Siteimprove suite and the number of Siteimprove’s free Google Chrome Accessibility Checker users increased by 29%.
  • Reports revealing poor accessibility: through partnerships with EDF and the Danish Institute for Human Rights, Siteimprove highlighted how inaccessible websites can have democratic consequences.

During the year, Siteimprove’s employees contributed tremendously to a better web for all. After the Siteimprove Accessibility Pledge was introduced in early 2019, all employees completed mandatory accessibility training. For the Siteimprove Give Back Days initiative, Siteimprovers donated a total of 556 working hours to support charitable causes in their local area.

For Siteimprove’s suppliers, 2019 presented a new reality. Siteimprove’s new Supplier Code of Conduct requires that suppliers offer accessible solutions and services, in addition to having safe and healthy working conditions, minimizing their own environmental impact, and conducting business according to the highest ethical standards.

With Siteimprove’s CSR goals for 2020 also included in the report, the scene is set for Siteimprove to continue being a global standard-bearer for digital accessibility and inclusion.

The full report is available in an accessible online version on the Siteimprove website.

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