Want to make a significant contribution to the SDG’s and make it your business to make a difference to people’s lives at the bottom of the pyramid? Read on!

In every corner of our planet, grassroots SDG entrepreneurs have stepped up to provide what their communities need most: healthy water, air, and food. Their dynamism and community focus have led to sustainable, low cost, low tech, high impact breakthroughs. Now they’re ready to scale and replicate their groundbreaking solutions!

And typically, they’re not waiting for others to take notice. They’re getting their stories out there! 

Here are three uplifting stories from India, Nicaragua, and Nigeria - the 2018 winners of the Danish-based Water Air Food Awards (WAFA). They have already reached 50+ million readers and viewers in their own regions and beyond.

In Kerala State, India, suffers from periodic droughts between torrential monsoon rains. Mazhapolima has developed a low-tech system to recharge open wells with rainwater runoff. The payoff? Clean water year round! Over 30,000 households have installed the system, and demand is growing! Regional authorities showed up at Mazhapolima’s Award ceremony to show their support. Regional and national papers headlined the Award story across India. Mazhapolima was invited to present its project on February 7-8 2019 at Waterlex: 1st World Summit: ”Leaving No One Behind”: Human Rights Based Solutions for Access to Water and Sanitation”.

In Nicaragua, rural homes suffer from indoor pollution caused by wood-burning stoves. Fupromosunic has developed affordable solar ovens from sheet metal. The breakthrough product improves health and reduces deforestation by eliminating the need for fuel. Nicaraguan authorities have been so impressed by the WAFA awards that they have promoted the story to the press and digital media throughout Latin America.

In Nigeria, People and Planet Life Foundation’s (PPLF) Fish Farm Project empowers rural women to develop sustainable businesses supplying healthy protein to nearby urban areas. Covering the Award event, attended by regional authorities, Nigeria’s Newsday Express noted that the WAFA Awards will enable PPLF to reach its goal of creating 43,000 agribusinesses led by rural women throughout Nigeria by 2035.

These exceptional sustainability entrepreneurs beat the odds by mobilizing their communities and making the best use of limited resources. All of these go-getters know their business! They are also willing to share their knowhow with communities around the world that face similar challenges. And … they welcome partners to help make that happen!

WAFA is a platform for global sustainability partnerships. Since 2008, we have been identifying, certifying, and promoting breakthrough sustainability pioneers on every continent. In our catalogue of over 401 projects, an international committee of sustainability experts has certified over 70 as eligible for partnerships, as well as impact investment and philanthropy.

These exceptional pioneers succeed in the world’s most challenging situations. Corporations and impact philanthropists could not ask for more reliable and dynamic partners! We at WAFA can make the introduction. Together we can all make it happen! www.wafaward.org

23.10.2019Water Air Food Awards


Award presented to Mazhapolima

09.09.2019Water Air Food Awards


Mazhapolima recognised for its work in Kerala

05.08.2019Water Air Food Awards


Mazhapolima on Denmark award shortlist

26.06.2019Water Air Food Awards


Kerala's Thrissur district is recharging 450.000 wells

11.06.2019Water Air Food Awards


Want to make a significant contribution to the SDG’s and make it your business to make a difference to people’s lives at the bottom of the pyramid? Read on!

10.10.2017Water Air Food Awards


WAFA Makes the News in Kuala Lumpur!