A sustainable build-out of green energy

With renewable energy poised to grow at unprecedented pace and scale, the Ørsted Sustainability report 2020 points to three challenges at the core of driving a sustainable green energy build-out.

Ørsted Sustainability Report 2020.




Ørsted, one of the world's largest renewable energy companies, is committed to a sustainable build-out of green energy. Having reduced carbon emissions by 87 % since 2006, the company Ørsted is on track to become carbon-neutral in energy generation and operations by 2025. 

Ørsted is also taking decarbonisation beyond its own walls, with a target of net-zero emissions in the entire carbon footprint by 2040. This entails gradually phasing out wholesale buying and selling of natural gas and engaging closely with strategic suppliers to decarbonise the supply chain.

With these plans in place, Ørsted prioritises three challenges it believes particularly important for a sustainable green energy build-out, and that the company will address through sustainability programmes:

  • Decarbonising supply chains, which is essential for greening the value chains in renewable energy and helping realise a net-zero emissions world.
  • Improving biodiversity protection, with a stronger and more programmatic approach to managing impacts on natural habitats and local species as the company constructs renewable energy on land and at sea. 
  • Creating shared value with local communities by helping expand green energy in ways that enhance shared local benefits.

For more on how Ørsted will address these challenges and more about the company's sustainability programmes, read:  A sustainable build-out of green energy.

Devapriyo Das, Senior Communications Advisor, Ørsted



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