SoFi – Improve Your Company’s Sustainability Performance

SoFi Software is a leading sustainability data management platform that allows for quick and accurate sustainability reporting and for sustainability improvements across your corporate value chain.

To leverage sustainability as an advantage, it is important to understand the situation across your entire organization—including a company’s operations and supply chain—to determine the impacts in all three sustainability dimensions: environmental, social and financial. This allows you to create and share performance reports with management, to communicate to stakeholders and to report to authorities on regulatory compliance.

How Improve Performance
Once a company’s current sustainability performance data is collected, SoFi can analyze it by using key performance indicators, such as energy, raw materials, water and natural resources, GHG emissions and waste or social impacts concerning labour and health and safety. With SoFi, companies can evaluate their opportunities and risks and develop a business case for profitable sustainability initiatives. This leads to improvement of overall sustainability performance while increasing the organization’s competitive edge. SoFi helps businesses achieve overall improved corporate sustainability performance.

Sustainability Reporting with SoFi
SoFi solutions significantly reduce the time spent on manual data collection for sustainability reporting through intuitive web forms, efficient workflows and direct interfaces to your ERP system and utility meters. The power and breadth of SoFi’s performance analytics and tracking tools enable you to monitor and improve all environmental and social aspects of your business.

 Use SoFi for:

  • Carbon Management
  • Environment, Health & Safety Management
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Energy Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Building Portfolio Sustainability Management

SoFi software is the world’s first software to be accredited by CDP and certified in the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI G4 and GRI Standard framework. SoFi has repeatedly been rated as leading sustainability management software by the analyst firm Verdantix. More than 180 companies worldwide rely on corporate sustainability software and service solutions from thinkstep.

About thinkstep:
Sustainability performance is now firmly on the agenda of all large and progressive companies. With over 20 years of expertise, thinkstep is the global leader in sustainability performance solutions and offers a blend of sustainability software and consulting solutions for large and mid-market organizations across all industries. As the only player with an end-to-end value proposition that addresses the specific product and corporate sustainability challenges in each industry sector, we can provide you with the expertise, data and experience to succeed sustainably.

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