Reflecting our CSR commitment

At LEO Pharma, we are dedicated to putting patients first. Our dedication is reflected in our CSR Commitment 2018-2020, which builds on three strategic pillars: 1) Empowering patients, 2) Sustainable operations and 3) Business integrity.

Our impact on society

LEO Pharma’s CSR Commitment 2018-2020 sets the frame­work for working on the CSR issues which are most important to our business. Through continuous dialogue with internal and external stakeholders, we work to understand the impact of our business on society.

Supporting the three strategic pillars 1) Empowering patients, 2) Sustainable operations and 3) Business integrity, we have prioritized 11 issues that are considered to be most important to our stakeholders and to LEO Pharma. These key issues are addressed through a portfo­lio of 11 programs supporting the CSR commitment.

Our contribution to the SDGs

LEO Pharma’s CSR Commitment 2018-2020 defines our CSR focus areas in which we take action to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

France Bourgouin, Head of Global CSR explains:

“At LEO Pharma, we commit to operating in a way that contributes to realization of the SDGs. We believe that aligning our business with the SDGs will help us be stronger and more sustainable, while also contributing to improve health at a global level through our support to SDG no 3.”

You can find more information about our CSR commitment in LEO Pharma’s Annual Report 2018, which is available here.

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SDG solutions through partnerships

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Reflecting our CSR commitment