Digital Technologies for Business Transformation

This course focuses on the digital technologies that transform conditions for business, and are integral to the emergence of digital platform ecosystems, i.e. Digital Platforms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Cybersecurity.

We will not only explore how these transformative digital technologies work, but also critically reflect on the business opportunities and threats posed by them.

No prior knowledge of information technology is required.

The course is designed for advanced career professionals who are interested in gaining deeper insights into the digital technologies that transform business through a wide array of industries as well as the public sector. 

The course covers the following four core topics in the context of digital business:

  • Platform economy. Exploitation of digital business and Application Programming Interface (APIs)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). Beyond human limits
  • Blockchain. Collaboration through vertical and horizon integration
  • Cybersecurity. The invisible enemy

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