Danish Produced Rennet Helps Farmers in Colombia

The rennet from DuPont™ Danisco© is of such high quality that it ensures stable income to low-income farmers in Colombia.

Farmers in the mountains of Colombia produce cheese directly from the milk they receive from the cows. This cheese makes it possible for them to earn a small income at the local market.

Stability to income for Colombian farmers
However, the farmers have encountered difficulties: Due to their previous production methods using traditional rennet of very low quality, much of the cheese had to be discarded because it became infected with impurities. Consequently, the farmers lost their potential income. This has now changed.

Dupont™ Danisco©’s Marschall© rennet is an enzyme that takes just 30-40 minutes to modify the milk’s protein

DuPont™ Danisco© has developed a rennet that guarantees cheese of high quality. Their Marschall© rennet is an enzyme that takes just 30-40 minutes to modify the milk’s protein. It is an easy and efficient method for the Columbian mountain farmers and gives stability to their relatively modest income.

Symbolises Denmark’s contributions to global challenges
On top of ensuring high, standardised quality, the rennet also helps solve some of the largest challenges we are facing. According to the United Nations, one in nine people on the planet are undernourished. The Columbian case exemplifies how the Danish food cluster delivers solutions that can help meet UN’s goal to eradicate hunger by 2030.

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