Danish Bacterial Culture to Reduce Food Waste

Around the world, food waste is a challenge. The United Nations estimates that one third of global food production is wasted.Bacterial cultures from Danish ingredient company, Chr. Hansen, expand the life of products and decrease food waste.

The Danish bio-science company, Chr. Hansen, has introduced a natural product that can make dairy products stay fresh longer and thereby reduce food waste. Today, 17% of all yoghurt is tossed to the bin, mostly due to the products’ relatively short shelf life. Chr. Hansen’s product, FreshQ, is an all-natural way to reduce the risk of spoilage from yeast and mould contamination, and it can make yoghurt last minimum 7 days longer. If applied to all yoghurt in Europe, it could reduce the amount of wasted yoghurt with 30%.

A Danish Solution Helping to solve Large Food Waste Challenges

Chr. Hansen’s effort to reduce food waste is a part of broader plan from the company to take part in the fulfilment of several of the UN’s Sustainability Goals. Chr. Hansen puts much effort into creating naturally based solutions that will help bring the food waste down on a number of products, not only dairy products. Chr. Hansen provides products that enlarge the harvest without the usage of pesticides. This is yet another example of how companies in the Danish food cluster bring new ideas to life that can solve the problems of tomorrow’s food industry

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