From CSR to Entrepurposeship

What can corporations learn from social startups? What is entrepurposeship? And how is Goodwings disrupting the travel industry? Miniconference 2 May 2017 in Copenhagen.

The social startup Goodwings is set on a heartcore mission to transform the travel industry and make it more sustainable. 

They are disrupting business as usual by not spending a single dime on advertising - an expense that amounts to a total of DKK 38 billion for the travel industry every year. 

Instead, Goodwings aims to generate profit through purpose - they call it entrepurposeship.

Sustainable disruption & corporate social entrepreneurship 2 May

Want to learn more about entrepurposeship and how Goodwings is disrupting the travel industry?  

Then come join the miniconference “Disruptive sustainability & corporate social entrepreneurship” on the 2nd of May in Copenhagen, where Goodwings co-founder Christian Honoré will share his experience and insights on how corporations fail and what they can learn from social startups, based on his personal journey from CSR manager and sustainability consultant to social entrepreneur.    

At the miniconference you will also get how-to inspiration from:

  • The social business expert, who will share key insights on sustainable disruption and corporate social entrepreneurship (Tania Ellis, The Social Business Company)
  • The social intrapreneur, who is disrupting the shipping industry from within one sustainability step at a time (Sofia Fürstenberg, Nor-Shipping)
  • The sustainability manager who is driving corporate innovation efforts in alliance with green and social startups (Jonas Engberg, IKEA)

See the full programme & sign up to the miniconference here

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