Coloplast receives environmental award for comprehensive climate and energy work

Coloplast has been named the winner of Energiforum Danmark's Energy and Environmental Award for 2015.

With the award, Energiforum Danmark is recognising Coloplast's extensive work in the climate and energy field, which over the past few years has enabled the company to reduce its carbon emissions by seven per cent despite growing its annual production output by six to eight per cent at the same time.

Through a targeted and dedicated effort consisting of more than 150 energy efficiency enhancing projects at its production sites in Denmark, Hungary, the USA and China, Coloplast has successfully reduced its carbon footprint by seven per cent, equal to a 26% reduction per unit produced.“

Our projects span everything from daylight sensor control to replacing natural gas boilers, but also to finding better ways to use existing equipment. At our factory in Mørdrup, Denmark, for example, we have successfully begun connecting our cooling systems together. This means we avoid an overproduction of cooling, which optimises operations and, not least, reduces our energy consumption,” said Lone Stubberup, Coloplast’s Director for Environment, Health and Safety.

An ambitious and global energy effort
Coloplast has appointed employees dedicated to working with energy efficiency enhancing projects at each of its production sites. In addition to having a constant focus on environmental and energy-saving measures, their job is to find new ways of reducing Coloplast's carbon emissions, for example by using new technologies to cut energy consumption or explore the potential of renewable energy sources.

In one successful project, Coloplast optimised energy consumption in all of its new production machinery. By continually monitoring energy consumption and using intelligent controls, the company's engineers have developed production systems that are 30% moreenergy efficient than previous versions of the same systems.

“We're constantly looking for new ways to sharpen our environment and energy profile. For example, we have reduced our waste volumes by 10% per product and achieved a 27% recycling rate for our production waste. Obviously, we're very pleased to receive Energiforum Danmark's Energy and Environmental Award in recognition of our achievements,” said Ms Stubberup.

24.06.2015Coloplast A/S


Coloplast receives environmental award for comprehensive climate and energy work