Better Energy expands into new office space

Better Energy is moving into new headquarters in Copenhagen to accommodate a growing company and growing demand.

Better Energy - growing company and growing demand.

Ambitions are high and projects are many. Better Energy has found a new office space to support the expansion of its global teams and the growing demand for Better Energy solar power solutions.

Many new talents have joined Better Energy – people with a purpose who are driven to create better energy solutions and people who are impatient to find a faster, shorter path to a green energy future. Now, Better Energy has found a space that allows Better Energy's cross functional teams to collaborate effectively and gives Better Energy room to grow.

The new office offers a panoramic view high above the city of Copenhagen. Codanhuset in Frederiksberg is a vibrant office building with a central location. The interior space is an inspiring work environment, specially designed to foster creativity and team interaction. At one end, you can see a full wall photo with Better Energy’s strategy: impact that matters. All four walls of the open space are lined with large windows, so anywhere you stand in the open office, you have a new perspective and new views of the city.

“Perspective is everything. Not only seeing things clearly, but also seeing things differently. If we are really going to drive change and produce results, we have to handle every task, every day, with the right perspective - that of impact," says Better Energy CEO Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær and continues:

"There is a hidden message here for our teams and our guests: It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. And everywhere you stand, you see things differently. New perspectives are necessary to drive the clean energy agenda forward. This is a great place to get a new perspective.”

If you want to advance clean energy and really make an impact in the green transition, come visit us:

Better Energy
Gammel Kongevej 60, 14th floor
1850 Frederiksberg C

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