amfori launches practical guide on the SDGs

Working with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is now being made more practical and a little easier with the publication of amfori's practical guide for implementing the SDGs.

amfori published a mapping study of the SDGs in September, which is now followed by a practical guide..

The UN SDGs has been a hot topic since the launch in 2015. Especially in countries like Denmark where it has been a topic on almost every CSR or sustainability professional’s lips the past few years. It has been a challenge however for many businesses to get a grasp on the goals, despite the numerous conferences and workshops that has been conducted on this topic.

How do we work with them? 

How do we affect them? 

And how do we implement the SDGs into our business?

Driven in part by this amfori has launched a practical guide for members to understand, assess, implement and analyse their progress on the SDGs. This document provides a framework for members and non-members alike, guiding them across the multitude of existing materials and tools available on the SDGs. The document is not only mapping the amfori tools available to help businesses in their work with the SDGs, but also other tools and materials are referenced in the document to cover best practices already out there. The aim is to make the work for companies more structures and more assessable - no matter the size of your business or resources available. 

As Anouschka Jansen, Senior Manager Strategy & Innovation with amfori puts it: “It is our task to support companies in their efforts on sustainable development, and this guide does that by helping them identify the key steps and resources available to them. We cannot make sustainable development easy, but we can make it a little easier.”

This resource is based around a 5-step approach as described in the SDG Compass Guide for business action on the SDGs, and it follows the mapping study amfori published on the SDGs in September 2019. 

As a complement to the guide amfori will be hosting an hour-long webinar on Thursday 16 January 2020 - open to anyone who would like to acquaint themselves with the new guide. You can join the webinar at either 08:00 CET or 17:00 CET.

This initial webinar will form part of the Small and Medium Enterprise SDG Programme. We will cover one step in our approach per month, guiding members through the main objectives of successfully integrating the SDGs into your business.

You can access the full implementation guide here and sign up for the webinars here:

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amfori launches practical guide on the SDGs