From waste to beautiful interior

The pulp collection is the new generation of zero waste paper pots from OOhh Collection.

The products are handmade from waste paper and then coated inside with natural latex to provide you a beautiful waterproof product.

Have you ever questioned - why we keep producing new raw materials when waste can be turned into stunning new products?

Find it here

19.12.2023Lübech Living ApS


All Nature by OOhh - nyt innovativt og miljøvenligt design til haven

30.11.2023Lübech Living ApS


Tænk miljøet ind i dit julegaveindkøb

21.11.2023Lübech Living ApS


Jul med genanvendte materialer på Hotel Himmerland

25.10.2023Lübech Living ApS


Mindful Living med OOhh Collection

29.08.2023Lübech Living ApS


Julepynt med tanke på miljøet

12.08.2023Lübech Living ApS


OOhh designer med savsmuld