Universal Cleaning Process Improves Feed Quality and Animal Health

The Danish technology provider, SKIOLD, has provided the largest and most advanced cow farm in South East Asia with a bespoke feed production plant that helps fight mycotoxin levels with a universal cleaning process.

In Nghe An, Vietnam in South East Asia, T.H. Milk is the country’s leading milk producer with around 40,000 heads of cattle, of which 20,000 are milking cows and 20,000 calves. Annual milk production is approx. 200 million litres, but volume increases every year by 10-15% T.H. Milk was established in 2010 with the ambition of delivering fresh milk to Vietnamese consumers in a quick way. To do so, the company needed a reliable solution to lift their production to new heights by optimising the quality and utilisation of the feed and thereby increasing milk production.

Danish technology provides measures to optimise feed quality
To reach production with a higher yield, T.H. Milk decided to have the Danish technology provider, SKIOLD, implement a feed mill plant complete with raw material cleaning, floor storage, dosing, grinding, mixing, handling of ready feed and control system.

As a part of the feed mill, they installed an Omega universal cleaning machine from SKIOLD that is capable of handling up to 300 tons per hour when cleaning cereals – and up to 30 tons per hour when grading seeds. The Omega cleans the grain or seeds very efficiently among others by evenly distributing the material across screens, which vibrates in a special pattern, that increases the efficiency of the cleaning process.

The universal cleaning machine handles up to 300 tons per hour when cleaning cereals – and up to 30 tons per hour when grading seeds

Fight mycotoxin levels while increasing yields
The bespoke solution has already taken the factory to new heights with higher yields per cow and lower average cost of production. The project has proven to have very high return-on-investment, due to the lower feed price, reduced use of toxin binders and higher quality of feed, which improves animal health and milk yield delivering more milk.

SKIOLD supplies some of the world’s most innovative machines for cleaning and sorting cereals and seeds, which at the same time removes most mycotoxins in crops and improves feed, thus ensuring raw material quality and animal health.

After the implementation of the feed mill in 2018, T.H. Milk has increased the average milk production by 3.5 litres per cow per day – a 10% increase in yield from 2017 to 2018. The solution delivered by SKIOLD shows how technology can play into a broader global development, where productivity, feed quality and animal health can experience impressive increases due to modern technologies.

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