Sustainable Brand Index™ 2021 – Coming Soon

Sustainable Brand Index™ is Europe’s largest independent brand study focused on sustainability. The study, founded in 2011 by SB Insight in Sweden, has been conducted in Denmark since 2013 on an annual basis. With the help of in total than 60 000 consumers across 8 countries, the study measures and analyses over 1 400 brands across 35+ industries on sustainability.

In Denmark, the study is based on research among Danish consumers and shows how the biggest B2C brands are perceived on sustainability, both within environmental and social responsibility. Next to a yearly brand ranking, Sustainable Brand Index™ provides extensive data-driven insights into consumer behaviour, industry performance and the Danish market for sustainability in general. On the 9th of March 2021, the official ranking and results of Sustainable Brand Index™ 2021 in Denmark will be launched.

What can you expect from Sustainable Brand Index™ in 2021?

Brand Ranking 2021
Sustainable Brand Index™ yearly ranks brands on sustainability. The rankings show how brands are perceived on sustainability by their important stakeholders. Brands are selected independently based on market share, turnover and general brand awareness. On the 9th of March,  Sustainable Brand Index™ will announce Denmark’s most sustainable brand of 2021 according to consumers, as well as the leading brand on sustainability within each industry. Discover, the results of 2020 here in the meantime:

Official Report 2021
The official reports contain the complete ranking of each country over time, accompanied with key sustainability insights, consumer trends and stakeholder data. Download the official report from 2020 here for free in the meantime:

Webinar, 9th of March 2021 at 15:00
During the launch webinar, some of the key data and insights from Sustainable Brand Index 2021 in Denmark will be presented. We will also have conversations with brands on the Danish market about what it means to build a sustainable brand in 2021 and beyond.

  • Join us on the 9th of March 2021 to discover answers to questions like:
  • How does sustainability affect your brand and industry in 2021 and beyond?
  • What are the Danish consumers’ attitudes and behaviours regarding sustainability and how does this affect your brand?
  • What are future trends and developments within sustainability that you need to be aware of and respond to? How can we navigate The Decade Of Action?
  • Have Danish consumers changed their attitudes towards sustainability issues due to the covid-pandemic?
  • What are Denmark’s most sustainable brands of 2021 according to Danish consumers?

Tailored Brand Reports
Brand-specific reports are available for all the brands that are ranked by Sustainable Brand Index™. Reports are tailored for each brand, including consumer data, a brand and competitors’ analysis, as well as important trends and strategic recommendations on sustainability. Discover more here:

Curious if your brand or industry will be measured in 2021?
You can discover all brands and industries in Sustainable Brand Index™ 2021 in Denmark here:

Brands are selected yearly across a variety of sectors, based on a set of independent parameters. Parameters include; market share on the respective market, turnover and general brand awareness. The purpose of these criteria is to create a selection that mirrors the brands that consumers meet in their everyday life. Brands cannot choose to be included or excluded from the study and the annual results of Sustainable Brand Index™ are open to the public.

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