Slaughterhouse with Reduced Energy Usage

Denmark increasingly produces food in a more environmentally friendly manner in several parts of the value chain. For instance, the Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Horsens is a very good example of how Danish companies are front-runners in sustainable production.

The Danish Crown slaughterhouse is the largest pork processing facility in Northern Europe. Still, it has experienced a 90% reduction on the energy bill after implementing a new demand-driven ventilation system to dry their slaughter facilities after a cleaning process. Danish Crown expects that the expenses for the ventilators will be reimbursed in less than 18 months.

Danish crown has experienced a 90% reduction on the energy bill after implementing a new demand driven ventilator system

Demand-driven ventilators
Before the implementation of the new ventilators, the system ran on full power even if the slaughter facilities were dry and ready for use. Therefore, this innovation not only saves money but is also beneficial to the environment. The new EC-ventilators at the Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Horsens, are a display of how several actors in the Danish food cluster find new practical and environmentally friendly ways to optimise their production.

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