Providing Intelligent Big Data solutions to farmers

Through scientifically based monitoring, a Danish tech start-up is using intelligent data analysis to accurately estimate the growth of pigs. This opens up ground-breaking opportunities for pig producers to optimise feeding and delivery strategies – an area that greatly impacts climate efficiency and the pig producer’s economy.

Today’s global food systems account for 26% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. With less than 10 years to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it requires both collaboration, innovation and not least increased efficiency across the value chain to lower the global CO2 emissions.

To ensure efficiency in pig production, it is important to have control over management, genetic potential, stable systems and not least the feed, which is the largest cost component in pig production. Traditionally, daily gain in pigs is calculated only four times a year, which makes fluctuations difficult to detect and react upon.  By monitoring the pigs via daily dynamic data, it is possible to assess the pigs’ daily growth and feed efficiency closely.

Using big data analysis to increase production efficiency
With a technologically innovative solution that can deliver dynamic data on pigs’ daily growth and feed efficiency, the slaughterhouse Danish Crown and the agricultural company DLG has joined forces to give their joint owners measurable results on key production figures.

IQinAbox, the supplier, is a Danish tech start-up specialising in real-time monitoring and big data analysis in pig production. By providing very accurate estimates of the growth of pigs through scientifically based monitoring, IQinAbox can supply crucial data for everyone in the value chain. This significantly improves sustainability, production efficiency and animal welfare.


Using advanced algorithms and data analysis, IQinaBox has developed a solution called Dynamic Gain in collaboration with Danish Crown. With Dynamic Gain, farmers can monitor the daily gain of individual pigs every time they are delivered to the abattoir and weekly changes in daily gain are observable, providing an opportunity to react much faster than before.

Optimisation of feeding and delivery strategies
The collected data, along with data retrieved from farms and public registers, are sent to both Danish Crown and the individual farmer’s app. This provides the farmers with comprehensive insight into pig growth, number of days in the housing unit, and slaughter weight, as well as providing insight into the quality and homogeneity of the finisher pigs provided by the pig suppliers. Dynamic Gain can thus help farmers, feed suppliers and meat producers unlock the full potential of their data and optimise their production

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