OOhh paper project has become SEDEX certified

SEDEX SMETA-4 pillar certified - we are very glad to announce that OOhh's paper project in Sri Lanka has been SEDEX certified. Get to understand more.

OOhh recycled paper collection has become SEDEX certified.

Social responsibility is our highest priority at Lübech Living and OOhh Collection
The employees’ working conditions, wages and security has always been of highest priority for Lübech Living. For this reason we are very pleased to announce that our OOhh Womens Project in Sri Lanka has been SEDEX SMETA-4 pillar certified.

What does a SMETA-4 pillar certification include?
There is a SMETA-2 and a SMETA-4. The OOhh production is SMETA-4 certified.

SMETA is a ‘social revision standard’ which is your guarantee that working conditions live up to the SEDEX requirements across all of our different working areas as well as a guarantee for health, safety, environment and business ethic in our production. This also includes wages and other security.

To understand more about our recycled paper production and women project kindly read more here: The story behind OOhh 

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