New incubator and accelerator for Energy start-ups in Nordhavn

Copenhagen's go-to incubator and accelerator for energy start-ups is being set up in Nordhavn as part of the EnergyLab Nordhavn project. Climate-KIC Nordic, Copenhagen Municipality and HOFOR provides support.

Climate-KIC Nordic is involved in the EnergyLab Nordhavn project (ELN), which purpose is to develop Nordhavn as an Innovation Arena by using data and expertise. Knowledge assets extracted from this project will be used to match appropriate and relevant start-ups and SMEs working within these areas, and in that way spur innovation and secure job creation.

EnergyHub will be Copenhagen's go-to incubator and accelerator for energy start-ups. The Innovation Arena set up by Climate-KIC and the ELN partners will provide a strong platform for the start-ups thanks to the community in the EnergyHub in Nordhavn. The hub will be housing not only start-ups, but also units from the big and small corporate and public partners involved in the project, e.g. Copenhagen Municipality and HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utility), as well as researchers.

This cross-fertilization and gathering of different competencies and entities, multiple relevant events taking place at the premises, as well as international visits to the ELN showroom, will all contribute to securing a vibrant milieu and ecosystem that will provide inspiration and acceleration for start-ups. 

See the story of the Innovation Arena on Climate-KIC's website.



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