Innovative Shrimp-Peeling System Saves Water and Limits Costs

There is a major potential for optimizing resource-efficiency in the food and agricultural sector to become more sustainable during production processes. A new innovative shrimp-peeling system requires limited floor space, improves the end-product, cuts maintenance costs and can save an impressive 90% of water usage.

Foto: Uni-Food Technic.

Availability and sustainable management of water is at the core of sustainable development. Today, 80% of wastewater in the world flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused. The agricultural and food sector is the primary consumer of water resources with 70% of the world’s freshwater withdrawals. Much of the water is wasted due to inefficient production, which UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 pinpoints as a major area of focus in the fight for sustainable usage of our freshwater.

To reach the UN’s SDGs, companies across sectors are focusing on innovative technological solutions to ensure more efficient use of resources along with lower costs and higher yield from commodities.

New innovative shrimp-peeling system cuts expenses and saves water
The Danish technology companies, SeaPeeler and Uni-Food Technic, have introduced a new innovative system called SeaPeeler Flex, which is easily installed in existing processing lines and significantly lowers water waste.

The end-product is top-quality shrimps retaining its natural colour and delicious flavour

The SeaPeeler Flex is the first machine to process both fresh and frozen shrimps and can peel any kind of shrimp with an increased yield per peeled unit compared with traditional technology. Due to its compact size, it can help save physical space in the production facility or at the fishing vessel as well as decreasing the need for operators and maintenance.

The end-product is top-quality shrimps retaining its natural colour and delicious flavour as the SeaPeeler Flex system is the only machine that can peel shrimp immediately after being pulled out of the water.

High savings ensures quick return on investment
In a land-based facility, the system can save up to 90% of a production plant’s water usage, cut the required floor spacing in half while also ensuring 40-50% cost savings in maintenance service and spare parts.

The aggregated cost savings resulting from using the SeaPeeler Flex entails a short payback time on a company’s initial investment. The system also functions onboard shrimp vessels with the vessel heeling up to 40 degrees and thus does not require a plane and stable surface.

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