High-quality Cheese Containing Half the Amount of Sodium

Like many other companies in the Danish food cluster, Chr. Hansen offers a wide range of innovative solutions. One of their products, SaltLite™ makes it possible to cut down on salt when producing cheese.

Foto: Chr. Hansen A/S.

Companies in the Danish food cluster are constantly seeking new ways to provide healthy food that still tastes good. Much of that process is made in collaboration with Danish universities and research institutes. The global bio-science company founded in Denmark, Chr. Hansen, offers a product, SaltLite™, that contains only natural ingredients that are already used in ordinary cheese production. The product is an example of how close collaboration creates the best business environment for any company in the Danish food cluster.

With this solution, cheese producers can reduce the level of sodium by up to 50% while maintaining the good taste and high quality

A reduction of salt is important
Salt is an essential ingredient in cooking, food preservation as well as the manufacture of cheese. Sodium is one of the two chemical ingredients in salt. However, due to the link between excessive sodium consumption and high blood pressure, the World Health Organization (WHO) dietary guidelines recommend consuming less than 2,000 mg sodium, or 5 grams of salt, per day. As processed foods account for the vast majority of consumers’ daily sodium intake, this is where the biggest potential to reduce it lies.

As a part of a collaboration project between Chr. Hansen and University of Copenhagen, Chr. Hansen offers the product, SaltLite™, a solution based on a mixture of enzymes and cultures. With this solution, cheese producers can reduce the level of sodium by up to 50 % while maintaining the good taste and high quality that are demanded by consumers.

Collaboration in the Danish food cluster helps companies shorten the way from lab to market enabling them to supply high quality products to the rest of the world.

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