The Future of Software Platforms for the Waste & Recycling Industry

There is an increasing need for technological advances as the waste and recycling industry evolves. Digital transformation supports growth, competitive advantage, customer service and helps organisations in taking a pro-climate stance.




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Tuesday, May 14th
8AM EST | 13.00 GMT | 14.00 CET

Free webinar for municipalities, waste management companies and waste transporters

This webinar will provide insights into three main topics supporting the next generation software platform for your business: Business Agility, Cloud Services, and an Exceptional User Experience.

Fredrik Wånelid, who has helped waste and recycling companies optimise their businesses for more than 20 years, will kick-off the webinar by discussing software and data challenges in a waste management operation, and why you need to adopt an agile software platform to support today’s dynamic business needs.

The future of software is, and needs to be, agile. Industry trends detail organisations focusing on business and process improvements, developed through agile solutions. Mark Abbas, Chief Marketing Officer for AMCS Group, will join this webinar discussing the importance and benefits for any company working in the W&R industry in having an agile software platform operating in the Cloud

As organisations continually evolve, improve, and transform their processes, the platforms they utilise in their day-to-day operations need to provide users with a leading-edge experience. For the final topic, Kevin Yake, the User Experience expert at AMCS Group, will showcase the latest trends for the next generation software platform for the waste and recycling industry.

If you cannot attend, please note that we will be recording the webinar session. Register here to receive the recording afterwards.



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