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We’re pioneers in the tech industry, enabling a more circular way of using tech. With our vision of becoming the world's best as-a-service company enabling circular tech, Foxway has seamlessly empowered its customers to integrate environmental responsibility into their business operations. As a dynamic leader, we serve large organizations, the public sector, and consumer electronics resellers. 

Headquartered in Sweden, we operate in eight European countries and serve customers worldwide. Founded in 2009, Foxway's rapid growth continues through strategic acquisitions, with an annual turnover exceeding SEK 7.6 billion. Driven by a dedicated team of 1,400+ professionals we're enabling circular tech for everyone. 


Delta 6, DK-8382 Hinnerup Denmark,

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23.05.2024Foxway A/S


In-store vs online trade-ins: which one is better for your business?

The trade-in trend is gaining momentum due to its wide-ranging benefits. On one hand, there are online trade-ins that respond to the digital era’s needs, while on the other, there’s the personal touch of in-store trade-ins. Which option is the right fit for you?

08.05.2024Foxway A/S


Foxway report remarkable doubling in sales of refurbished devices

08.04.2024Foxway A/S


Latest footprint numbers for refurbished tech by Foxway

14.02.2024Foxway A/S


Ready to change your view on refurbished tech? Reused is here to stay

18.09.2023Foxway A/S


Device as a Service (DaaS) - et bidrag til den cirkulære økonomi

29.06.2023Foxway A/S


Veidekke chose Circular Tech

29.06.2023Foxway A/S


Foxway - Sustainability Report 2023

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