Floral Affairs ApS

Purpose: To accelerate the world´s transition to sustainable use of flowers

The essence of the company lies in the founder, Adam Juel Bergmann. A young visionary with an innate desire to make a positive impact on our planet, without compromising on quality or beauty. He is born in a suburb of Copenhagen in 1997.

Adam’s prior business venture serves as the basis for Floral Affairs, where he introduced preserved roses in Denmark.

During his early years as an entrepreneur, he became extremely aware of the major environmental challenges facing the industry.

The extensive CO2 footprint and its harmful impact on biodiversity led him to bring a small team of senior creatives, who shared his vision. They all work across art direction, interiors, photography, brand and content creation.

All dedicated to creating ethical floral poetry.


Dortheavej 12,

2400 København NV



Adam Juel Bergmann

Founder, CEO

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07.05.2024Floral Affairs ApS


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