Denmark's Most Sustainable Industry

Which industry is leading in sustainability? It's not that straightforward. Discover Denmark's most sustainable industry according to Sustainable Brand Index 2018!

'Grocery Stores' are ranked as the most sustainable industry in Denmark this year according to Sustainable Brand Index! With Coop winning Sustainable Brand Index 2018 overal and a strong representation of food related brands in the top 20, we can see that sustainability is highly associated with food and supermarkets. Grocery Stores have been taking the lead in Sustainable Brand Index since the beginning of the study in 2013.

Sustainable Brand Index yearly ranks over 200 of the biggest brands in Denmark on sustainability. It is an independent research that measures consumer behaviour and perception over time. The leading industry is calculated based on the average score of the brands belonging to a specific industry in the ranking.

However, the leading industry in sustainability is not that straightforward when comparing to the rest of Europe. There are some interesting differences between the other countries in the ranking. In the Netherlands, the Energy sector is for example taking the lead, while this is the case for Pharmacies in Sweden and Transport in Norway. The differences show how brands and industries could learn from each other across borders and how sustainability can be a successful and inherent part of companies in all sectors. 

Discover more insights here (photos) or download the report for free.

Sustainable Brand Index is the Nordics’ largest brand study on sustainability, researching around a 1000 brands, among more than 40 000 consumers in 5 different countries each year.

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