Coop Most Sustainable Brand of 2018 According To Danish Consumers

The results of the 2018 Sustainable Brand Index in Denmark are here. Which brands are leading and which brands are lagging behind when it comes to sustainable branding?

Last Monday, the 16th of April, it was time for the 2018 Sustainable Brand Index Awards in Denmark. At Crown Plaza Copenhagen Towers we came together to announce this year's sustainability trends and ranking.

Sustainable Brand Index has been conducted in Denmark since 2013 and with that Denmark is part of the Nordics' largest brand study on sustainability. However, it was the first time the results were presented live in Denmark!

Based on more than 40 000 consumer interviews of over 1000 brands in 5 countries, the research yearly maps out and analyses brands on sustainability from the consumer perspective. In Denmark, 7000 consumers were interviewed on 202 brands this year.

We had the privilige to partner with, Denmark's largest forum and community for sustainable business. Our moderator was Eva Harpøth Skjoldborg from, who is an expert in CSR and stong advocate for sustainable businesses. Together with Eva, Erik Elvingsson Hedén founder of Sustainable Brand Index presented this year's main trends and insights into sustainability.

After an exciting presentation of this year's industry winners and the top 10 countdown, Coop was announced at the most sustainable brand of 2018 according to the Danish consumer! Curious? See the complete ranking and results here. For those who were not able to be there live, you can also re-watch our livestream of the event here.

All the results of the 2018 Sustainable Brand Index in Sweden, Norway, Finland an Denmark are out now! Discover which brands are leading and which brands are lagging behind when it comes to sustainable branding. This Thursday, on the 19th of April, we will present the last results for the Netherlands in Amsterdam at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Is your brand part of the study? Feel free to contact us for a tailor-made strategy report. As one of the leading brands, you can also download your promo package on our press page.

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