Cemasys is providing safe drinking water for 125 000 people in rural India.

Creating safe drinking water replaces water boiling with firewood, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

India is among the world's most water-stressed countries. The reasons are seasonal variations with heavy rainfall and droughts but, more importantly, the lack of sustainable management of water resources and access to safe water sources. 

Between 2012 and 2017, India registered 69.14 million cases of water-borne diseases. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, diarrhea is the cause of 60% of all deaths in India – the leading killer.

We're proud to announce that Cemasys has cooperated with Austrian Helioz, a social enterprise. Together with implementing partner Caritas India, they will start this spring to distribute about 50 000 of the award-winning WADI, a solar water disinfection device. You put the small device next to transparent bottles filled with contaminated water. It measures the impact of UV rays and will show when the water is safe to drink by disinfecting it with solar power. 

This innovative approach to creating safe drinking water replaces water boiling with firewood, thus reducing CO2 emissions. WADI meets the microbiological performance criteria and classification and is endorsed by WHO. 

Cemasys has entered into a 5-year contract to support this critical project; consequently, Cemasys will receive Gold Standard carbon credits each year. The first credits will be available from summer 2023.

"The carbon offsetting market has strongly evolved during the last couple of years, especially since the COP meeting in Glasgow in late 2021. Our customers require high-end quality projects, which can be hard to provide in a tight market. Therefore, we're proud to announce that this project fits well into our growing quality carbon offsetting projects." 

Per Otto Larsen, CTO of Cemasys

The project is located in the Alirajpur and Jhabua districts of Madhya Pradesh and provides safe water technologies to rural communities in the tribal belt of Central India. Madhya Pradesh is the largest forest state in India, endowed with diverse forest resources. The project focuses on households in villages that rely on non-renewable biomass (e.g., firewood) as a fuel source, like forest and forest fringe villages.

The activities involve distributing WADI technology to approximately 25,000 households and applying Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) with WADI. WADI will supply each home with the necessary transparent bottles to treat at least 20 liters of water per day. Training and awareness workshops on safe water and hygiene management based on WHO guidelines will be held. Workshops on household waste management, plastic recycling, and environmental protection are also critical parts of the project. Recycling groups are established to promote key messages and coordinate recycling activities.

About Helioz:

Helioz GmbH is an Austrian organization. The company puts people's interests at the heart of everything they do and includes a team dedicated to leading the climate into a better future.

Helioz was founded in 2010 and hasn't just realized numerous climate projects, but is also constantly looking for new paths and opportunities in the field of R&D and aims to manufacture affordable products for low-income households in developing countries.

More about the project here

About Cemasys.

Cemasys are a specialized sustainability consultancy delivering solutions for the entire Environmental Social Governance (ESG) segment. By combining innovative system solutions and analytical expertise we provide our clients with methods to improve their sustainability strategy. Cemasys offer comprehensive services for every step of your company’s sustainability journey; data gathering and management, advanced analysis, strategy development, ESG reporting, and carbon offsetting.



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