Cemasys and Cognia Technology enter an agreement to digitize and simplify sustainability reporting.

The collaboration makes the reporting of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for transport and construction machinery more precise

Cemasys and Cognia Technology help their customers achieve their sustainability goals. The work involves establishing a clear plan for their sustainability work and documenting status and improvements. In addition to environmental emissions, it also covers labor on social and business ethics(ESG).

Cemasys has since 2007 worked to develop cutting-edge expertise in sustainability reporting.Through collaborations with companies such as Cognia Technology, we help our customers simplify their reporting to let them spend more of their time identifying and implementing actual improvement initiatives.

Per Otto Larsen, CTO of CEMAsys

CEMAsys delivers solutions that cover all aspects of sustainability. By combining innovative digital solutions and analytical expertise, they provide clients with methods and tools to develop and improve their sustainability strategies. 

Through their digital platform Linx, Cognia Technology delivers a solution to the transport and construction industry to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs and increase safety in road transport.

For joint customers of Cemasys and Cognia Technology, an automatic data flow will be established between the solutions. 

The collaboration makes the reporting of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for transport and construction machinery more precise. It will also help report new KPIs, which reflect compliance with government controls and safe use of vehicles.

Cognia Technology's Linx platform harvests detailed operating data from vehicles and construction machinery. The solution is brand-neutral and harmonizes collected data from different fixed assets so users can analyze and report across the variety of fixed assets and brands. It is used by both transporters and construction companies to achieve their sustainability goals. Linx is increasingly used by companies that purchase transport and construction services and want to work strategically with their subcontractors to ensure and document efficient and safe operations.

Cognia Technology sees a rapidly growing need in the transport and construction industry to work actively with a clear sustainability plan. Through a collaboration with Cemasys, our joint customers will benefit from our combined expertise in sustainability and operational optimization.

Kim Finkenhagen, general manager of Cognia Technology

About Cognia Technology.

Cognia Technology's digital solution Linx contributes to higher capacity utilization, lower fuel consumption, reduced environmental emissions, and greater emphasis on safety in the transport and construction industry. Linx is a brand-neutral and cloud-based solution for vehicles and construction machines that users can access via PC, tablet, or smartphone. Linx does not require the installation of hardware in a vehicle or engine. Cognia Technology assists customers with green transformation, change processes, and strategy, with Linx as a key tool for insight.

Cognia Technology is part of the Cognia Group. The group has a total turnover of approximately 3.1 billion NOK. It has 650 employees in 20 locations in Vestfold and Telemark, Viken, Hedmark, Østfold, and Bergen. The group has a long history in passenger car and truck operations, with the establishment of Bil-Service Passenger Cars in 1937, bilSpiten in 1959, and Volmax in 1997. In addition to passenger cars and truck businesses, the group has a significant real estate portfolio in Cognia Eiendom.

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For further questions, contact:

Otto Larsen, CTO Cemasys 913 59 269

Kim Finkenhagen, General Manager Cognia Technology 400 12 666

About Cemasys

Cemasys is a consulting company specializing in sustainability that provides solutions for the entire Environmental Social Governance (ESG) segment. By combining innovative system solutions and analytical expertise, Cemasys provides its customers with methods and tools to develop and improve sustainability strategies. Cemasys offers a wide range of services for every step of your corporate sustainability journey; data collection and administration, advanced analysis, strategy development, ESG reporting, and climate compensation.
For more information, see www.cemasys.com.



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Cemasys and Cognia Technology enter an agreement to digitize and simplify sustainability reporting.