Amey - Future-proofing delivers system success for Amey

AMCS and Amey have worked together to develop and implement a state-of-the-art Enterprise Management system, designed to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction levels.




Amey overview

Amey views waste as a valuable resource and provides a range of collection and treatment services to help local authorities and commercial customers improve their environmental performance and better manage the associated costs.

Every year Amey:

  • Transports 1.8 million tonnes of waste
  • Collects waste from over 1 million homes
  • Produces enough sustainable energy to power 60,000 homes
  • Responsibly manages the waste for over 16,000 commercial customers

The challenge

The growth of Amey’s waste business has resulted in the adoption of multiple systems.  This made it hard to compare data or realise synergies through the centralisation of services. As a result, the decision was taken to implement a new IT system that would support the current business and also be capable of
adapting to the fast-changing waste and technology markets. The new system needed to allow for significant modernisation in the way Amey managed its business, including the use of mobile applications and a dedicated web portal.

The solution

Amey’s AMCS Enterprise Management system is now used by over 35 members of the team across 6 sites and is capable of managing all of its collection, processing and municipal waste
functions. Its wide range of functionality includes customer management, weighbridge and mobile devices. It also incorporates a detailed reporting capability enabling the production of bespoke
reports and operational dashboards, combining data by service, business or waste stream.

The results

The move to a single Enterprise Management system has enabled Amey to realise a number of commercial and operational benefits. Across the commercial waste collection business, it is recognised as having added over 2% to its EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Tax).

Key benefits in a nutshell

  • A 7% reduction in fleet mileage resulting from improved routing.This has served to cut fuel consumption and further improve environmental performance
  • Across the company’s trade waste collections business, the system has helped realise a 2% to Amey’s EBIT (Earnings Before Interest & Tax)
  • Reduced duplication of effort and improved data quality
  • Improved materials management and trading
  • 24/7 data access through an online portal

Download the Amey Success Story here to learn more.



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