Chairman’s statement Frédéric Lemoine Chairman of the Board of Directors


2015 was a successful year for Bureau Veritas from all perspectives, whether financial, commercial or strategic. These levels of performance were achieved in the face of difficult conditions. Looking back, “confidence” and “resilience” are the two words that undoubtedly best describe Bureau Veritas’ development. The Group continues to grow as it has done for almost two hundred years, in environments that are sometimes turbulent. In many ways, 2015 was a watershed year for Bureau Veritas, as the Group finalized its new development strategy, with the full backing of the Board of Directors, and unveiled its vision for the period up to 2020.

Bureau Veritas’ 2020 strategic plan takes account of the main changes in society that are expected to take place in the next five years, such as rapid urbanization, population growth, increasing demand for energy and a need for greater energy efficiency, food safety, accelerated advances in technology, and interconnectivity of appliances. Such issues are pivotal today and will be even more so for future generations. In order to meet them head on, Bureau Veritas is supporting companies in all sectors, as well as government organizations, with its renowned expertise and respect of key values centered on safety, ethics and impartiality. Its mission will take on even greater importance in the light of the major trends that we will witness over the next decade.

With its 2020 strategic plan, Bureau Veritas is setting itself a threefold challenge. Firstly, to capitalize on its heritage, its often-unrivalled technical expertise and its brand name, by maintaining its strong positions in markets that have already made the company a success in the past few decades. Secondly, to expand its operations in promising sectors that the Group has not thoroughly explored to date, such as smartworld and the automotive and agrifood industries. And thirdly, to embrace technological evolution in the TIC industry, both in terms of operations and potential new services. 2016 will be a year of transition, during which the management team, under the energetic leadership of its CEO, Didier Michaud-Daniel, will set about implementing this strategy. The Group will also speed up its transformation, reappraising its culture to enable it to continue to draw on its unique technical expertise, whilst shifting the entire company’s focus to its clients and their concerns and requirements. This transformation will also be the perfect opportunity to enrich the lifeblood of Bureau Veritas by attracting new talents from a variety of backgrounds, and to strengthen the company’s initiatives relating to social and environmental responsibility.

The potential for growth in sectors in which Bureau Veritas has not previously been greatly active is huge. Consequently, the Board of Directors has made sector diversification and digitalization the Group’s two main priorities. This will make it possible to not only ensure that the company is more resilient to economic cycles, but also create new sources of profitable and sustainable growth.

Speaking both on behalf of the Board of Directors and on a personal level, I would like to thank all the Bureau Veritas teams throughout the world for their tireless efforts in support of the Group.

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