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Professional Negotiation

New - The course focuses on practical usage of negotiation methods, and is anchored in recognised negotiation theory. All cases are aimed at real life challenges facing leaders, specialists and advisors in their everyday practice.




CBS Executive Fonden, Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg


29. januar 2024

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Negotiation is a discipline

Most people think that negotiation can be self-taught over time or is a natural talent. This is not the case. Negotiation is a discipline with a theoretical foundation, that includes concrete tools for creating mutual value in a negotiation, and thereby better results.

This course is anchored in recognized negotiation theory, but focuses primarily on the practical usage and integration of concrete negotiation tools that you can start using immediately.

A negotiation can revolve around many things e.g. contracts, commercially important decisions, salary negotiation with employees or conflict resolutions.
Negotiations can be internal in an organization or with an external counterpart.

The course scored a 4,9 on a 5 point scale in evaluations in August 2022.

Course Content

This course bases itself on the basic principles of value creating negotiation, which will allow you to negotiate better agreements and contracts - meaning that you no longer have to choose between good financial results or good relations. Instead, with knowledge of the right tools, you can achieve both.

This course also partly focuses on rhetoric. Rhetoric is about what to say and the way to say it. You will gain essential rhetorical tools, which improves not only your consciousness regarding communication and signaling, but also helps you use an advantageous communication method as a way to benefit the process as well as the end-result.

We will demonstrate and train the latest theoretical and practical development within the areas: value creating negotiation, bias and psychology in negotiation, and strategy for negotiation - through this we offer a new understanding of what negotiation is.

Key Benefits

Upon completing the course you will have gained:

  1. Theoretical and practical knowledge regarding efficient negotiation methods, communications, strategy and behaviour
  2. New knowledge and tools for professional business negotiations
  3. Theoretical and practical knowledge on psychological barriers that obstruct efficient negotiation and creating (added) value
  4. Experimentation with specific negotiation tools on cases written with reference to real life challenges of leaders, specialists and advisors

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